Issue 87 – Out Now!



In this issue we’re focusing more on the males in our community than
perhaps we normally do. For starters, we had great fun doing our men’s fashion shoot at
The Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill (pages 11 and 13) and thanks go to Vintage Emporium
stall owners Philip and Dan for being such great models.
We have an interview with foster carer couple Clive and Lisa (page 52) and find out how
an initially ambivalent Clive has become the biggest advocate of fostering; this amazing
father figure is now retiring early to better support the children in the couple’s care.
We’ve also got a great feature from Burnage Academy (page 57) about boys’ mental health,
and even our history feature (starting on page 27) is a little different in this issue, as Phil Page
interviews Ged Boydell about the flooding of Millgate Farm and what being a police
constable in the line of duty meant that night. And if you are lucky enough to be a dad or
have a dad, then on page 9 we’ve got ideas for some unusual, locally-sourced gifts for
Father’s Day (which is coming up on 16th June), and I can personally recommend taking
dad for a curry (see our review on page 49) if you’re looking for a great, family meal out to
mark the occasion. Now of course this gentle nod to the men out there isn’t meant to exclude anyone else and
as always we hope the features are relevant and interesting for everyone. On that note, I’d
like to draw your attention to something that is of importance for all of us – beekeeping.
My lovely dad was a beekeeper (single hive hobby) and named his only daughter Melissa
which means honeybee! So I was delighted to find out about Danny Kershaw (page 35)
and his new beekeeping venture. It’s vital work that he and his bees are doing, and I hope to
support this local beekeeper when the honey starts flowing.

From Melissa and the whole MOOR team

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