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When I was younger, autumn was my favourite season. It was head and shoulders above the rest for the colours and drama it brings, the new crispness to the air and the tinge of expectation that Christmas is within reach. However, I’ve realised over the last few years that in fact spring has taken its place in my heart. What’s not to love about the optimism and joy of seeing little shoots of green poking through the ground, or the absolute beauty of a tree in blossom?

For me, spring is also the catalyst that kick-starts my determination to make lists and sort things out. I tend to forgo the usual resolutions at the start of January, preferring to maintain a state of semi-hibernation, so this time of year brings with it a fresh opportunity to set goals and plan work on house, garden, and self. Whether it’s sorting out jobs in the home, beginning a healthier lifestyle regime, or even looking for a new job, all tasks seem somehow easier at the start of the ‘new seasonal year’ than in the depths of January.

Spring offers fresh perspective, time to take stock and look forward. So, whilst I offer genuine congratulations to those of you who’ve managed to meet the goals you set on 1st January, if you haven’t, then don’t be too hard on yourself. Embrace spring as the real start of the new year. Look through this issue of MOOR and contact all those local suppliers, gardeners, traders and health/wellbeing practitioners who can help you achieve your goals. Arrange to see that friend you’ve not been in contact with for a while or visit one of The Heatons’ many shops, pubs, restaurants and cafés that you’ve been meaning to try.

Above all else, take a moment to marvel at the blossom trees we’re lucky to have on our streets, the little purple and orange flowers bursting through at Crocus Corner, or the patches of bluebells dotted about Reddish Vale and Heaton Mersey Common. It really is a wonderful time of year.

Happy spring everyone,

From Melissa and the whole MOOR team

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