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After Christmas you might be forgiven for feeling that you’ve done more than enough gift-giving for a while. Throw in a couple of family and close friends’ birthdays early in the new year (as is the case in my household) and by Valentine’s and Mothering Sunday, selecting presents for the ones you love seems more of a task than a pleasure.

Gift giving needn’t be a chore though. Not only have we started you off with a few ideas (see page 9) but if you’ve got time for a potter around our shops, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to be inspired and make the process enjoyable. Of course, gift shopping locally also provides support for the businesses and retailers that help to make our area so special – so arguably, every penny spent locally serves a double purpose.

This ‘season of love’ is as much about appreciation as anything else, and even if Mothering Sunday and Valentine’s are not relevant for you, you can still play a part in spreading that feeling of love and goodwill. Small gestures of kindness, patience and tolerance of others in our community may seem like small things but are real gifts we can all give freely.

Melissa (Editor) & the Moor Team

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