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This time of year is always a favourite of mine: as well as the breathtaking beauty of autumn, it reminds me of when, as a student, I first moved north to Manchester. Drawn more by the music and club scene, than my course at a prestigious university (!), I decided that nowhere else would be good enough – for me it was always going to be Manchester.

Perhaps it’s because I was one of the students drawn to the city in the mid-80s that I relate so much to Heatonian Andy Spinoza’s fascinating account of Manchester’s impressive development and the irrepressible youth culture that was partly responsible. (See our feature on page **.) However, whether you are a born northerner or a new northerner, Andy’s book about how his own career, intertwined with the city’s growth, makes for a fascinating read.

I have always believed in a geographically expanding loyalty towards our area. The Heatons is my home and therefore my first port of call in my ‘shop local’ stance. Stockport is my town though, and it brings me increasing joy as its own development (albeit sometimes seemingly one step back for every two forward), continues apace. And yes, Manchester is my city, the place that changed the course of my life – and it gets a deserved loyalty from me for that!

I think it’s as necessary today as at any time in the last few rather chaotic years, to demonstrate that geographically expanding loyalty. With the pressures of the cost-of-living increases, our Heatons businesses need us now as much they did when Covid first reared its ugly head. So, if you can, support Heatons and Reddish traders and retailers, and those in your town of Stockport too. If you can’t find the services you need locally, then turn to Manchester and reward the energy that has gone into developing it over the last few decades, by extending your ‘shop local’ loyalty that bit further.

Best wishes

Melissa & the Moor Team x

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