Issue 80 – Out Now!


Back in February, Stockport was officially, (well at least according to readers of the Manchester Evening News), voted as the best place to live in Greater Manchester, just pipping Altrincham to the top spot.


I’m going to put aside the very small sample number and the fact that Stockport got just 11% of the votes and take the win. A poll such as this is always going have a spread of responses, as there are not only a lot of lovely places in Greater Manchester to live, but opinions are likely to be strong when it comes down to your home area.


Interestingly, the poll wasn’t even really comparing like with like. I can only assume that the good residents of The Heatons were voting hand in hand with those of Bramhall, Marple, Hazel Grove and other Stockport ‘hot spots’ to give the borough its top billing, compared with those living in towns or villages such as Worsley, Didsbury and Urmston (which incidentally also all came out well).


But if that is the case, then how great that we’re finally all backing our borough and therefore by association the town of the same name at the heart of it. My loyalty, (and for that matter my interpretation of MOOR Magazine’s shop local message), starts with The Heatons. But I’m proud to name Stockport as my town and my borough and Greater Manchester as my county. (And no, I’m not going to fall out with anyone who considers us to be in beautiful Cheshire – I’ll happily be associated with both.)


Huge efforts are being made by a lot of people to boost Stockport, and whilst the journey towards revitalisation might not seem an easy one, a little bit of local pride and support for our town (whilst continuing of course to also shop local here in The Heatons) goes a long way. By helping the economy of Stockport we can be part of the process of making it a town centre we really can all be proud of.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Melissa (Editor)

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