Issue 77 – Out Now!


Earlier this year we had some building work done on our house and during the renovations our builders found some old newspapers stuffed under floorboards – no doubt to fill the gaps before expanding foam existed. I was strangely proud to know that ‘our’ bits of old Daily Mail from 1934, were older than any others the builders had ever found in local properties – though this does also indicate that no major work had been done on that part of the house for nearly nine decades!

Interestingly for a national newspaper, some of the adverts were for smaller independent businesses, no doubt each one hoping that their profile in a national paper would help them to grow and thrive. At MOOR we obviously believe in local promotion for local businesses and as we each try to navigate our way through the current cost of living crisis, I hope that those who are able to, continue to support our small, local businesses. Small acts (like choosing to stay in the area for that Friday night pint, or buying a friend’s birthday gift from a local business) may not seem much, but they really do all add up, and make a huge difference to our local traders.

In this issue of MOOR we’re also looking back with a fascinating feature on the history of The Stockport Plaza as it celebrates its 90th year and some wonderful vintage and ‘nod to vintage’ fashion. But we’re also looking forward and have a big bumper parenting section for whether your child is nursery, primary, secondary or sixth form age.

And what, you might ask, did I do with the old bits of newspaper uncovered in my house? Well, don’t tell my builders, but I found a nice little (fire safe) crevice to tuck them into. And for good measure I popped a copy of MOOR in there too. I hope the next person to find them, maybe in another nine decades from now, will be just as interested and delighted as I was.

Melissa (and the Moor Mag Team)

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