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Summer, and therefore holiday season, is really upon us. Hopefully by the time you are reading this, further airport delays and cancellations, UK transport strike action, petrol price increases and heavy downpours will no longer be looming. Sadly, I’m not confident that any of those aforementioned enjoyment-quashing situations will be resolved, but one thing I do know for sure is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy August and those first few warm weeks of September, right here in The Heatons.


Summer is, as we know, a great time to enjoy your local area: rediscover some of your favourite haunts, try out some of those newer Heatons offerings, potter round the local shops or simply enjoy a stroll along the banks of The Mersey. Whether on a date night, got the kids in town, or have friends visiting, embrace that relaxed August vibe and submerse yourself in a mini Heatons staycation – all the time giving yourself a pat on the back for supporting local businesses.

There may not be a guarantee of sunshine or even the salty smell of the sea (in spite of our healthy seagull population), but summer in The Heatons does have its own holiday feel to it.

Melissa – Editor

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