Issue 75 Out Now!


Welcome to the 75th issue of MOOR Magazine

Back in February 2010, when the first issue of MOOR dropped through Heatons’ doors, I’m not sure anyone was thinking about it still being around in 2022 – celebrating its 75th issue. But here we are!
Firstly, we want to say a really big THANK YOU to every single one of our advertisers. Whether you have been with us for all 75 issues or just one or two, you have helped to support the continued growth and development of the magazine, enabling it to add something special to our area. Producing a FREE magazine and distributing it directly to 10,500 homes and businesses is not easy – but would of course be absolutely impossible without our advertisers.
Secondly, it’s a massive THANK YOU to you, our readers. If you didn’t enjoy the magazine, and of course contact the advertisers you found in it, then this whole process wouldn’t work. The mag was never intended to be a ‘community magazine’, but rather a way to support the local economy and help us all ‘shop locally’ a bit more. If MOOR has helped encourage and enable that, then it’s achieving its mission.
That’s not so say that we don’t love being part of The Heatons and our wider area, sharing community news, printing your stories, interviewing some amazing local people, promoting your books and bands, and of course, sharing fascinating local history features with you.
Which is where another big THANK YOU is due. Apart from the core team of freelancers who produce the magazine every two months, a huge amount of effort has gone into it over the years from our fabulous contributors – all of whom have a passion for the area and who have kindly given up their time and skills to help voluntarily contribute to MOOR.
We know we’re not changing the world with MOOR magazine, but if we can help in some small way to keep this wonderful place we call home thriving, then we’re happy with that!
So once again, a huge thank you to anyone who has been involved with, advertised in, or simply enjoyed reading MOOR magazine. Here’s to the next 75!

From Melissa and all of the Moor Team

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