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I love this time of year, with its potential for some crisp air, gentle autumnal sun and the chance to start layering up with favourite woollies – simple pleasures! As we head through September, the darkening evenings are still a novelty (unlike in January when we long for signs of spring) and the anticipation of (dare I say it) Christmas is still just far enough away to seem magical and not a reason to stress.

But what I like most about this time of year is the feeling of a fresh start. When it comes to making plans and setting resolutions, I much prefer the new academic year over the more usual 1st day of January. Whether this feeling of new beginnings in early autumn is left over from my own school days, or simply because I have school-aged children, I don’t know, but September and October always feel full of possibilities, leading me to make ridiculously ambitious ‘to do’ lists. Just how many of the complicated DIY jobs or super-fitness targets I set are realistic remains to be seen, but I certainly have more energy and more will power at this time of year than I do in the post-Christmas haze of over-indulgence and over-spending!

If you feel the same way, (or even if you don’t usually), then embrace the opportunity for the fresh start that this time of year offers. If something has been holding you back, give yourself permission to move on. Don’t wait until January to search for a new job, learn a new skill or paint the spare room.

And of course, this being MOOR, I am going to suggest that one of your early autumn resolutions is to shop locally as much as you can – something that can make a difference to our local traders and our Heaton’s economy whatever the time of year.

Melissa (Editor) & The Moor Team

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