Issue 55 Out Now!


For a lot of people, this time of year is their least favourite. Not many of us enjoy that long wait for spring to arrive. If you’ve kept up your new year resolutions and paid off the Christmas credit card bill, then I take my hat off to you – I really do. But if you’ve had a few weeks of sluggishness, finishing off the festive left-overs, then don’t despair.

February is the perfect time to revive that optimism for 2019 you were filled with only a few weeks ago and start actually planning your year ahead. Don’t worry if you haven’t kept up your resolutions -simply start afresh or make new ones. Whether you’re planning home improvements (from the big extension to a simple de-cluttering) or your own fitness regime, this issue of MOOR is packed with advice, tips and an array of local suppliers to help you to get your inspiration back and make realising your goals just a little bit easier.

So, make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and flick through MOOR. And then get cracking!

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