Issue 52 Out Now!



I hope you are all enjoying July and the chance to spend time outside in the sunshine.
The update on our previous Monkey Path feature (see page 44) gives a little bit of an insight into some of the activities Heatons kids got up to in summers gone by.
Now I͛m not, (absolutely not), advocating jumping into water-filled quarries (you͛ll need to read the feature to understand what I͛m talking about), but there is something refreshingly simple about children just making their own  fun.

Personally, I wouldn͛t be comfortable letting my two disappear on a dawn-to-dusk adventure, but wouldn͛t it be nice to get back to nature a bit more, with fewer arranged activities this summer? At the time of writing, the amazing late spring weather is holding, so I͛m hoping that the sunshine won͛t be used up͛ before the kids are off school and that we can make more use of our gorgeous parks and commons.

Don͛t get me wrong, those of you who know me will definitely spot me frequenting many a café (bar) during the summer weeks, but this year you͛ll be just as likely to spot me in the great Heatons outdoors too.

Happy summer everyone.

PS For those of you with older children, show them the review of teen-friendly cafes (on page 59) brilliantly written by some talented Year 10 Priestnall students.

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