Issue 57 – Out Now !


What a glorious time of year this is in The Heatons.  The trees are in full leaf, the bars and cafés have tables spilling onto the pavements and everyone seems to have a smiles on their faces. Walking around the area – be it to drop my youngest at school, meet a friend for a natter or nip to the MOOR offices to catch up with colleagues – I feel a huge sense of pride and gratitude that I’m lucky enough to live here, tinged with a teeny helping of smugness.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the things that I love about The Heatons is the mix between people who have lived here all their lives, often as part of a family going back generations (MOOR’s own Steve certainly ticks that box) and those like myself who have chosen the area with no previous links. The warmth from families who have lived here a long time and helped to shape the community into what it is, coupled with the passion for The Heatons that the incomers (who know they’re on to a good thing) bring, makes for a very happy blend.


As we inch towards summer, we’ve got a fantastic issue of MOOR for you. There are interviews with interesting Heatonians, a fascinating local history feature and some great suggestions for Father’s Day gifts and activities. So, pour yourself a cuppa, sit back, and revel in the fact that we live in a such a great place whilst you enjoy this copy of MOOR.


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