The countryside on The Heatons’ doorstep!


Reddish Vale Country Park is the place to go when you need some time in nature. You can watch kingfishers dive into the depths of a calm mill pond, to emerge with a fish in their bill. Or the sun glistening across the backs of pure white swans, tailed by their signets. Or flowers blooming from the newly-green leafy trees.

You’ll cross a little bridge over a babbling stream towards Stockport’s imposing railway viaduct. Follow this path and you’ll arrive at vast open fields, with whinnying horses greeting you over the fence, ready to have their noses tickled and never saying no to a handful of lush, green grass that they can’t quite reach themselves (the grass is always greener on the other side if you are a horse!).

The opposite direction will take you past the Visitor Centre, where you can quench your thirst or indulge yourself with an ice cream. You will find sandy areas hugging the edge of the river and on a sunny day there’s nothing better than immersing your feet into the fresh water and settling down under the shade of the trees for a picnic.

Continue walking and explore the wooded areas, notice the ever-changing scenery, and find some tranquillity.

Our lives are sometimes hectic, but by visiting this vast, wild area with its different habitats and abundance of wildlife, you can just stop and enjoy.

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