Restaurant review: local solicitors give their stamp of approval



Our guest reviewers, Hugh Joseph and Shane Flannery from Hugh Joseph Solicitors, sampled the culinary delights of local favourite Heatons Tandoori. This is what they told us….

For more than 25 years The Heatons Tandoori has been supplying the good people of the Four Heatons with Bangladeshi, home-style cooking under the watchful eye of owner Abi Aziz.

Bangladeshi recipes are complex, not just because of the number and variety of herbs and spices which season the dishes, but also because often much depends upon the order in which those herbs and spices are introduced.

The family-friendly atmosphere was warm and Abi was proud to tell us that he was now welcoming a second generation of Heatons customers, and committing their favourite orders to memory.

After a brief discussion about the best drink to accompany a curry, we settled on a gin and tonic, having been advised that the botanicals in the gin would complement the spices.

Abi spoilt us by taking us through the menu and insisting we sample the many authentic tastes, ordering far too much for even these guest reviewers’ appetites – we will only pick out the highlights.


The starters came and the tikka Lamb Chops done in the tandoor were charred to perfection yet tender.  Abi’s second suggestion, Chicken Balti Kebab, dreamed up by the wife of Manik, one of the chefs, as a recipe at home, was succulent and lemony and is highly recommended.

Our third (!) starter was the Prawn Puri which reminded Abi of the fish-based diet of his childhood in Bangladesh, and which we found delicious.

There was no let up on quality or quantity for the mains


which also featured a tremendous fish dish, Fish Konkani, which Abi explained was also a dish from home.  The chunks of fish were firm and moist and fell apart in the mouth, warmed by the spices of the sauce and with a tamarind tang.

By way of contrast, for those with a sweeter palate, from the north of the Indian subcontinent came the Pasanda.  As here, this dish is traditionally made with lamb, with its dark meatiness offset by the thick and almondy sauce.

We don’t have space to mention everything, but one stand-out side was the Indian cheese or Paneer with mutter (peas) – another classic and simple dish eaten in Northern India and Bangladesh, and cooked to perfection in Heatons Tandoori.


In the current climate where competition is fierce, whilst other restaurants of this type have come and gone, it is no surprise to us that the Heatons Tandoori has prospered for two and a half decades.  For it, and for us, there will be many happy returns.

The Heatons Tandoori restaurant and takeaway is at: 33a Shaw Rd, Heaton Moor. Tel: 0161 442 9766

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