MAZZO EXPRESS: Much more than pizza!


Mazzi Image 1There’s that well known scene in adverts or on soap operas where someone has a bunch of people round to dinner and for one reason or another has to call in a takeaway before presenting the food as ‘home-cooked’. Enter the family-run Mazzo Express, the perfect takeaway for if ever you find yourself in such a situation!

Having taken up the MOOR offer (reluctantly of course!) of trying our newest Heatons take away, I was expecting to be tasting just pizza. Instead, I was presented with an impressive choice of Italian dishes, cooked to restaurant perfection.

Choosing a takeaway can be a nightmare, everyone always wants something different. Mazzo Express has got its menu spot on: pizzas, pastas, risottos, meat and fish dishes, salads – something for everyone. And it’s not just your usual pastas: there’s Lobster Ravioli and a beautiful sounding Penne-based dish packed with broccoli, asparagus, basil and courgette to pick out just two.  Oh, and did I mention the desserts? Limoncello cheesecake, yes please!

Mazzo Express owner Tony directed me towards trying a couple of his favourite dishes, Tagliatelle Con Pollo and Risotto Paesana alongside some pretty special starters of Ribs in chef’s special sauce, Garlic King Prawns and a Garlic Bread covered in melted cheese.

Mazzo Image 2The food was insane. My husband, expecting a slice of pizza, was very excited as I unveiled a portion of huge king prawns. The risotto and tagliatelle dishes had just the right level of creaminess, with that perfect bite to the rice and pasta. A real unexpected surprise were the ribs: the meat just melting away from the bone and covered in an incredibly moreish sauce.

Tony cares deeply about what he serves his customers. His choice of the best pasta and risotto coupled with locally sourced ingredients is clear in the flavours. Years of experience from the family restaurant in Royton shine through in the dishes too; the pizza bases and sauces are made from scratch from a recipe that’s been winning over customers for years. I was impressed at the restaurant quality of the food at such reasonable prices.

Mazzo Image 3Coming soon. Tony is busy creating a lunchtime menu, aimed at local businesses, and he is looking to introduce gluten-free pasta. I asked Tony why people should try Mazzo Express. With unfaltering belief he replied: ‘Try it and you’ll find out the difference”. I have to say, I totally agree.

Mazzo Express is open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 10pm (11pm on Fridays and Saturdays) and delivers locally. Find out more at , #mazzorestaurant. To order give Tony and his friendly team a call on 0161 442 0212 or find Mazzo Express on Just Eat.

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