Let’s get busting those fitness myths


By Andy Brooks

Fitness Manager at Life Leisure 

Here are some common fitness myths and the truth behind them.

Lifting weights will bulk you up. Weight work can help tone your whole body, help burn more calories and increase overall strength.

The more you sweat the more you’re working out. Not true! Our disposition to sweating is genetic and environmental – not an indication of how many calories we’re burning. Sweating is your body’s natural reaction to getting warmer – the hotter the environment, the more you’ll sweat.

No pain no gain. A little discomfort is ok – but if It’s too painful a coach may be able to help improve your form or show you a safe way to exercise.

More gym time is better. Adults should aim for 150 minutes of medium level and above a week. However, if you work out every day, you’re not giving your body time to rest and repair.

Protein bars/shakes can replace meals. Protein bars/shakes are highly processed and many contain high levels of sugar, salts and fats. They are not a replacement for natural foods, which contain essential fibre, vitamins and minerals.

You need to exercise less as you grow older. Exercise helps prevent bone loss while strengthening muscles, meaning that you’re less likely to trip or fall. Exercise also boosts mood and helps protect from conditions like dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Exercise it the best way to lose weight. Exercise is an excellent way to lose weight – but adopting a healthy eating regime is also an important factor for success.

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