Issue 49 Out Now!


In December we had to get a very large Scots pine removed from our back garden. It had grown exceptionally tall, and unsupported by other trees (apparently they are ‘forest trees’ and do better together) it was getting dangerous. Added to which it shaded the whole garden. Still, I was sorry to see it go and timed its removal to provide a Christmas tree of sorts for us as well as festive foliage for a number of friends’ houses and a local florist. Another friend collected the logs to chop and season for his fire and with his handy chain saw will be slicing me a couple of chopping boards/wooden platters. So all in all, though we now have a big gap in the garden, the lovely tree was put to a wide number of uses.

Things change in The Heatons too, and sometimes though it’s very sad to see old favourite places go, what is created instead moves the area forward and brings new life and vibrancy to our high streets. In this issue of MOOR we talk to a local centenarian who in her 100 years has seen enormous changes to The Heatons. Whilst she would perhaps not view every change as a positive one, we have to embrace the new, learn to support fresh retailers and businesses as well as long standing ones, and appreciate that we are in an area of growth rather than decline or stagnation.

I therefore have two rather belated ‘new year’ resolutions. Firstly to not just stick with my old favourites but to try out some of the newer establishments and shops in The Heatons (and Stockport too). And secondly, I have the huge but enjoyable task ahead of me of re-styling my whole garden – previously dominated by the massive tree.

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