Issue 48 Out Now!


I’ve been at MOOR a few years now and each year as I sit down to write the intro to our December/January issue of the magazine, I promise myself that it’ll be different from the previous year. And yet, thinking about what is important in our tiny piece of the world, I now make no apologies for repeating the same message as last year and the one before that – the ever familiar MOOR mantra to shop locally. Many of our local retailers and businesses rely on good Christmas figures to survive, and whilst it can sometimes be quicker and easier to shop online, supporting local trade is vital to keeping The Heatons vibrant. Each one of us can help preserve an area packed with independent retailers and keep those empty shops to a minimum. Shopping locally you’ll be rewarded by meeting some lovely retailers and you’ll get an added feel good factor with your purchases and gift giving. As always we’ve put together a few ideas in our seasonal gift guide to start you off, but take the time to enjoy a browse along our local high streets – you’ll be inspired.

On a global scale, I’m not sure I can claim that the world is a better place from where it was when I was writing this a year ago, and locally with crime seemingly on the up in our area, I know that a lot of you feel that The Heatons bubble has burst. But what has been evident over the last 12 months is that we are a strong community and we do care a great deal about each other and our local services. Even those few voices who would rather knock than constructively comment, do so (I tell myself) because they care about where we live. So as we enter the festive season and head towards the end of another year, I can only humbly request that you keep doing what you are doing – support local trade and support each other and in doing so keep The Heatons strong.

Very best wishes, from all of the MOOR team for a healthy and happy Christmas and New Year.

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