Issue 46 Out Now!


It’s been a strange couple of months. We’re all aware of the terrible act of violence and absolute horror in our city back in May, with devastating impact on several members of our own Heatons community. However, (though it can’t and shouldn’t be forgotten), I don’t want to focus on the bombing itself but on the heartening way the city, and members of our own community, have come together. It’s surely that which we must take forward.

We live in an area where people are pleasant to their neighbours and look out for each other and it shouldn’t need to take something terrible to make us appreciate where we live. Simple acts of goodwill (that we are lucky enough to experience every day in The Heatons), and the extra gestures of support and unity that are evident at the moment, all help to tip the balance in favour of kindness and community over one dreadful act of terror.

We can’t pretend to live in a little bubble in The Heatons (the ongoing crime levels alone prevent that), but I am going to try harder not to sweat the small stuff and to attempt a few more small acts of kindness of my own.

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