Issue 44 Out Now!


For this issue of MOOR I met and interviewed a very interesting woman who, back in the early 1990s ran, amongst other things, a weekly newspaper for The Heatons. You can read all about it  (see what I did there) – on pages 41-43 . It was a real treat for me to meet such a vibrant individual who, all those years ago was, (like ourselves at MOOR), focused on bringing local news and (let’s not be coy about it) advertisements from local businesses, to the good people of The Heatons.

It showed to me that the philosophy to shop local and support traders in our community must have been strong 25 years ago if enough Heatons retailers felt it was worth advertising – enough to make a free weekly newspaper to 10,500 homes economically viable. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lifestyle the current Heatons offers: I love the shops and I love the bars and restaurants and I love the fact that we have ‘outstanding’ local schools. But clearly the area was something special before all of those particular elements existed. It was thriving in the 1990s and many years before that….supported by people who understood the vital importance of shopping locally. I know we bang on about this at MOOR, but it is after all the reason we exist – to promote local trade. And ultimately, the developments that have made The Heatons the area I am so fond of today have been fuelled by local people supporting local trade for many years.

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