Issue 43 Out Now!


As we are now firmly into a new year, I wonder what the ever changing Heatons will throw at us in 2017 by way of new restaurants, cafés and shops? Whilst it is sometimes sad to see old favourites go, I love the buzz when something new pops up, and familiar buildings take on new guises.
I may not have been here long enough to buy bread from what’s now Tusk when it was an actual bakery, but I’m pretty sure our mortgage advisor’s office was in the back of what is now La Cantina!

Of course it’s not just the retail spaces that take on new meanings for us.
I had no link to The Heatons on my first visit two and a bit decades ago, when, as a fresh faced marketing manager for the council’s Leisure Department I was sent off to familiarise myself with all that the borough had to offer. Heading towards The Heatons Library from Stockport town centre,
I turned off the A6 too soon and was lost. I pulled over to check my A-Z (no sat nav in those days) and was on my way moments later. What’s remarkable though, (and perhaps why I remember my first visit to The Heatons so clearly), is that I now live on the very road that I was ‘lost’ on – all those years ago I’d pulled up just metres away from my future home.

So, as we start to get used to 2017, I for one will be embracing the developments in our area and I’ll enjoy seeing what The Heatons comes up with next. Happy New Year from all at MOOR.

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