Issue 41 Out Now!


issue-41-cover-low-resThe week that this issue of MOOR drops onto your door mat, a friend and I will be celebrating the fact that it’s been three decades since we both moved north from London. She was the first person I met on my degree course in Manchester, and 30 years on she’s not only still a close friend, but one of my Heatonian friends. And her son is my children’s babysitter!

One of the things that I love about The Heatons is that different friends, be they from my children’s school, Brownies or dance group, overlap with those I know from university, work or my book group. I guess very few people have completely compartmentalised lives, but there’s something special about The Heatons that results in the whole population being seemingly linked.

It’s nothing new to talk about the way ‘everyone knows everyone’ around here, but it does still catch me by surprise. Sometimes it’s a quirky coincidence – this issue’s model, Heather, lived here until her teens and her grandma used to own the bakery (now Tusk) on the corner of Shaw Road! Other times it’s something more geographically unexpected – like the fact that someone I knew from the north London suburb I left 30 years ago now also lives in The Heatons.

Either way I should stop being surprised by it, and just accept that The Heatons is my magnetic north.


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