Issue 39 Out Now!


issue-39One of the most popular elements of MOOR is our regular history feature. We’re very lucky to have Phil Page writing for us and he’s come up with some fascinating insights over the years. Every couple of months, when his latest little gem lands in my in-box, it’s definitely a ‘get a brew and settle down for a good read’ moment. The images that accompany Phil’s pieces (some sourced from other Heatons residents and some from the excellent Stockport Local History Library) are what really grip me: often containing images of men, women and children walking the streets I now walk, next to shops or buildings I know. These are images of people going about their daily Heatons lives, decades and decades ago. And all unaware that maybe a hundred or so years later, a future Heatons population will be marvelling at them.

Phil and his wife Mary are now embarking on a project to capture more of those great local pictures to develop a Heatons Community Photograph Database for current, and future, Heatonians. Of course nowadays with photos so easy to take on smartphones, future generations will have endless records of their houses and neighbourhoods. (Assuming that not every image taken will be a close-up selfie and that there’ll be at least a few scenescapes and home interior shots captured for posterity!)  Here’s hoping some of you have got some wonderful images from years gone by to share with Phil and Mary – more of those little reminders that we’re living in just a moment of The Heatons’ overall history.

Do you have any old photographs of the Heatons which could be scanned into a database of pictures which will be made available to the Heatons community?  Phil and Mary will be scanning and cataloguing any pictures which are brought along to The Crown, on Didsbury Road, on Friday 17th June 1.00-4.30pm. If you can help they would love to see you on the day. For further information contact Phil at

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