Changes for the better at The Plough


There have been some changes at The Plough on the Moor lately. With new manager Nathan, comes new chef Jerry and a super new menu for my guest Hugh Joseph and I to try out – only for your benefit of course, dear reader! We happily threw ourselves on the mercy of Nathan and asked him to select a range of dishes that he thought we’d like to eat and you’d like to read about. So, knives and forks at the ready, napkins tucked neatly under chins, here we go…

I love the elegant pairing of asparagus and poached egg and this combo served with a dollop of hollandaise sauce on toasted sourdough was gorgeous, and perfect for a starter, or even a light lunch dish. The Japanese-style chicken wings up next were totally different: deliciously spicy, sticky and messy in a good, finger-lickin’ way! But the star of the starters was the Baked Camembert. If like me you’re a cheese lover, this is one of those dishes you won’t forget in a hurry. Photographer Eli was drafted in to help us by now, as this generously gooey ‘to share’ dish was easily enough for three (or more!). With just the briefest of pauses for breath we moved on to tackle the ‘mains’. Nathan had selected four very different dishes: something meaty (Sausage and Mash), something light (Avocado and Papaya salad), something fishy (Seared Tuna) and something with chips (Breaded Chicken Katsu Burger) to make sure we each had something we’d like. My favourite was the tuna – a juicy, very tender steak of lusciousness, seared on the outside but barely cooked inside (that’s how I’d requested it) and served Mediterranean-style, with olives, fine beans and sun-dried tomatoes. It was delicious from start to finish – not a forkful went to waste. Meanwhile Hugh waxed lyrical about the decidedly hearty Sausage and Mash with crispy onions and red wine jus, while Eli preferred the much lighter touch of the fragrant, tangy Avocado and Papaya salad. They were both pretty quiet as they chowed down, that’s for sure! Sadly, the chicken burger hardly got a look in as we were all pretty stuffed by this stage, but the barest of nibbles revealed a tender chicken patty encased in breadcrumbs, served with a tasty, spicy Japanese-style sauce in a sweet brioche bun, with my favourite skinny fries on the side. Truthfully, it deserved more attention but we just couldn’t do it justice as by now Nathan was describing the desserts he’d chosen for us – oh my giddy aunt! The Chocolate Orange Torte was sophisticated and fabulously rich; the Black Forest Eton mess was as creamy and crunchy as you’d expect but with a welcome kick of tart from the forest fruits; finally, the Sticky Toffee Pudding was indeed delightfully sticky, but surprisingly light and fluffy for such of its kind too! The plan was to try just a soupçon of every one of them, but bit by bit we polished off the lot – and declared them capable of holding their own in a much fancier establishment. They genuinely were that good.

Replete with good food, charming company, attentive service and pleasant ambience, we all agreed that The Plough on the Moor had acquitted itself very well indeed.

Compliments to chef Jerry of course (great job Jerry!) and thanks to Nathan for steering us toward these delicious dishes.

Photos by Eli Jones Photography

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