February 28, 2015

Issue 31 Out Now!


Spring may not be quite here yet, but there’s more than a whiff of love in the air in this issue of MOOR. To start you off there’s a special eight page wedding feature (from page 12) packed with advice, tips and an array of local suppliers to make planning your big day a little […]

Issue 30 Out Now!


Let me tell you about something that happened to me the other day. But first, in order to interpret the story you need to know two things: firstly that I live near the station and secondly that when I’m on my own I walk fast (it’s the only exercise I get so I try to […]

Issue 29 Out Now!


MOOR Magazine is heading towards its fifth birthday. It was set up (with support and encouragement from The Four Heatons Traders Association) right in the middle of the recession at a time when small businesses and traders were struggling to keep their heads above water and many local town and village centres were finding their […]

Issue 28 Out Now!


The long summer holidays are upon us and whether you’re a stay at home parent with weeks with the kids stretching out in front of you, or you just want to make more of the time you do have with your children during the sunny (hopefully) days ahead, we’ve got some great ideas. Kick start […]

Issue 27 Out Now!


Early in June, a close friend of mine and her family will be moving back to The Heatons after three years of living near the sea in Kent. Now, truth be told, when she moved I was pretty envious. Like lots of people, I’ve always wanted to live somewhere sunny by the sea. And yet […]

Issue 26 Out Now!


Can you feel it? The fresh energy in the air, a little bit of an extra spring in your step, the ability to do things a teeny bit faster as you shrug off the winter go-slow? Yes spring is here. And if you are feeling a bit renewed, or you’ve got the inclination to get […]

Issue 25 Out Now!

issue 25

This can be a tricky time of year: not many of us enjoy the long wait for spring to arrive, the Christmas credit card bill has arrived our New Year resolutions have failed, leaving us drained of the optimism we’d had welcoming 2014 in just a few short weeks ago. But February is actually a […]

Issue 24 Out Now!


I know that this column should loving and festive at this special time of year and not full of personal gripes, so it’s with a bit of cheek that I make a Christmas request to our already considerate community. But before I do, let me make it very clear that I love Christmas – there is no trace, […]

Issue 23 – Out Now!


I love this time of year – always have done: the crisp mornings and darkening evenings; the warmth and cosiness of pubs and restaurants; and the opportunity to wear woolly tights and a decent coat after the summer’s constant struggle to come to terms with bare white legs and flimsy clothes. (I look much better in […]

Issue 22 – Out Now!

Moormag Cover

Don’t you just love summer: the ice cream van at Thornfield Park, wearing flip flops to the pub and delicious BBQ smells from the deli’s and bars around The Heatons? But for some of our local retailers it can be a funny old time of year. During August, at any given time, a hefty chunk of the […]

Issue 21 – Out Now!

Cover-June 13

So it’s official: Stockport is the second happiest place in the country to live.* I’m not sure of the survey’s definition of ‘Stockport’ but my theory is that a lot of those surveyed must have been from the Heatons. Some 40,000 people were asked their views on their community (including neighbourliness, amenities, safety) and their […]

Issue 20 – Out Now!

Moormag Issue 20

Have you ever noticed how everyone in the Heatons seems connected? I frequently discover that one of my friends, in a completely unrelated way, knows someone that I do. I wonder if the ‘friend of a friend’ syndrome thrives in The Heatons because so many of you grew up in the area. Or maybe we’re […]