May 30, 2016

Issue 39 Out Now!

One of the most popular elements of MOOR is our regular history feature. We’re very lucky to have Phil Page writing for us and he’s come up with some fascinating insights over the years. Every couple of months, when his latest little gem lands in my in-box, it’s definitely a ‘get a brew and settle […]

Issue 38 Out Now!

We all have different views of what makes a great place to live, based in part on good or bad experiences from our own childhoods. A few months ago I found out that the North London house where I grew up, was up for sale. So I squeezed a quick day trip down south and […]

Issue 37 Out Now!

“Oh no, not another hairdressers!” is a familiar lament bantered around the playground as we all wait to find out what the latest new retailer is going to be. I’ve been as guilty as the next person, but hang on, why the negativity? If you already use a fantastic hairdresser with no plans to change, […]

Issue 36 Out Now!

Not long after I started working at MOOR, I had to write the welcome for the Christmas issue and I remember setting myself the challenge to do as much of my Christmas shopping as possible in The Heatons. I didn’t do too badly. With the exception of certain ‘must-have’ toys for my children and a […]

Issue 35 Out Now!

In this issue of MOOR we launch a new regular feature about local individuals who have changed career – sometimes quite dramatically.  The years before I can retire still seem to stretch out ahead of me (no matter how middle-aged I feel) and though I have no plans to hang up my MOOR hat just […]

Issue 34 Out Now!

Probably due to our own childhood memories, August always has an air of holiday about it. Whether you have children off school or not, whether you are going away on holiday or not, this time of year still owns a breezy relaxedness.  It is a great time to enjoy your local area by rediscovering some […]

Issue 33 Out Now!

MOOR makes no secret of the fact that it was initially conceived to encourage the good people of The Heatons to shop locally and use local service providers wherever possible. Today the magazine is well into its sixth year, and although we are no longer in the height of recession, with as many independent businesses […]

Issue 32 Out Now!

The problem with household ‘to do’ lists is that once you start making one you realise there is far more to actually do than you’d planned on doing! This issue of MOOR is a little bit like that. We’ve put together loads of advice and tips to help you kick start your home and garden […]

Issue 31 Out Now!

Spring may not be quite here yet, but there’s more than a whiff of love in the air in this issue of MOOR. To start you off there’s a special eight page wedding feature (from page 12) packed with advice, tips and an array of local suppliers to make planning your big day a little […]