November 27, 2015

Mysteries of Mauldeth by Susanna Yeomans

“Anyone who has seen the hall must admit it is very striking to say the least,” stated Cheshire Magazine of Mauldeth Hall in 1993. The article, entitled “The Mysteries of Mauldeth” came at the close of a local media storm about the building. The attention related not only to the feared closure of the well-loved […]

The fascinating story of The Savoy, Heaton Moor

By Susannah Yeomans When the long threatened closure of the Savoy came close to becoming reality in 2006 there was uproar. The owners announced that they would be selling the building and Barracuda group made an offer, planning to build a pub on the site. The plans were rejected however and The Savoy is still […]

Finally changing with the times: A history of The Heaton Moor Conservative Club

By Susanna Yeomans In 2008 The Heaton Moor Conservative Club became ‘The Moor Club’. Bowing to pressure to move with the times, it shed its political affiliations and male-only membership to merge with the nearby Reform (Liberal) Club and welcome women through its doors for very first time. For many years however the club had […]

Heaton Mersey Train Station

By Susanna Yeomans Like Heaton Chapel station, the now disappeared Heaton Mersey train station stood as a symbol of wealth and progress for Victorian Heatonians. Idyllic in style, its station cottage, awnings and platform waiting rooms rose above function, speaking of the awe local residents felt for this new addition to local life. After all, […]

An icon of our time and place: The Reform Club

By Susannna Yeomans Manchester is celebrated for its ability to bring the architectural beacons of its rich history into the 21st Century. The redevelopment of the Heaton Chapel Reform Club into apartments is no exception. And as with the renovation of many of the city’s bygone structures, its founders, who built with such conviction, could hardly […]

The Reform Club: lovingly restored to provide homes in the heart of The Moor.

Work is well under way on the refurbishment of this locally listed, historic building in the heart of Heaton Moor – considered by Stockport MBC conservation team to be one of the most important buildings in the conservation area. In a joint development between Albert Holliday & Sons Ltd and Contour Housing Group, supported by […]

Thornfield Park: The Heatons’ second public green space

By Susana Yeomans On the 25th April 1912, The Heatons Recreational Grounds Committee met to discuss the possibility of establishing a second haven of green space in their semi-rural community. Houses seemed to be popping up in the area by the minute, and the committee saw that preserving areas of open land was vital to […]


By Susanna Yeomans It’s hard to believe that Heaton Moor Park was once just an expanse of open land. It is as much a part of the hubbub of local, and increasingly urban, social life as it ever was. But when its borders were first laid down in 1894 the area was predominantly rural, composed […]

The Shops at the Moor Top, 1915

Moor Top hardly existed in the 1860’s, being on the edge of the new fashionable area of Heaton Moor and the well-established village of Heaton Mersey. Earlier Maps show just a rope-maker’s premises and a few humble dwellings with the picturesque name of Owler Nook. As housing development crept further from the two main areas, […]

Heaton Chapel Railway Station

Heaton Moor was agricultural land in Heaton Norris, until the opening of Heaton Chapel railway station changed everything. In 1837 Parliamentary approval was given for the railway to be built by the Manchester and Birmingham Railway, the first section from Heaton Norris to Manchester opened in 1841. Heaton Chapel Station was built in 1851 close […]

The Origins of Reverence

St Thomas’s was the chapel from which the district of Heaton Chapel got its name. Before it was built, there was no church anywhere in the Heatons and people were expected to walk to Stockport, Didsbury or the centre of Manchester to attend weekly service. For people living in the east of the area this […]

Farming in the Heatons

 Until the late 1980’s, when the last Heatons farm was sold as housing land, there were several well-established small farms in the area, usually run by generations of the same family over many years.  As well as the farms shown here, there were farms at Grundy Hill and Underbank in Heaton Mersey, Shaw Fold (on […]