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Moor Magazine is hand delivered in the Four Heatons

Moor Magazine is hand delivered in the Four Heatons

Delivered directly to 10,500 homes and businesses ‘Moor’, the magazine for the four Heatons, is simply an advertiser’s dream – connecting with high income families, right on their doorsteps, in a quality environment, with virtually no wastage.

MOOR readers are intelligent prosperous men and women who are financially aware, have high levels of savings and investments, own their own businesses and have high credit card and internet usage. Readers enjoy regular foreign travel to luxurious and exotic locations and have high car ownership often with luxury brand cars being the norm. Our readers other interests include theatre, the arts, good food and wine, plus the latest trends and fashions.

If the Heatons is your target marketplace, then take a look at our media pack, or give me a call to find out how ‘Moor’ can help you grow your business.”– Steve Howarth, Managing Director

MOOR Media Pack 2016