December 1, 2015

Steve Williams & The Most Wanted Band

Steve WilliamsEvery once in a while you stumble into a bar, or a pub, or around a street corner and the unexpected hits you. Something so good and so unexpected you don’t know what the hell to do other than hoot and holler and yell for more. This is exactly what happens at The Nursery Inn every four weeks, when the amazing Stevie Williams & The Most Wanted Band play their unique blend of country, blues and folk – with a little yodelling thrown in for good measure!

Stevie handles all lead vocals/bass and is well supported by a tremendous group of musicians that includes Dave Hassell on drums and percussion, Markie Creswell on guitar and backing/harmony vocals and Billy Buckley on guitar and lapsteel guitar. Be warned: it’s a packed house so if you want a seat get there early!


Stevie’s debut CD is out this summer visit for more info.

Steve Williams & The Most Wanted Band play the Nursery