November 28, 2015

Work, Rest and Play


Hypnosis can help to restore the ability to sleep well

As the spring equinox approaches, nature spurs us to make positive changes in our lives. But if you’re feeling tired and lethargic due to lack of sleep, or poor quality sleep, it’s not so easy.  You can feel as if your “get up and go” got up and went!

Hypnosis and Meridian therapies can help to restore the ability to sleep well, which in turn can help you to regain a sense of energy and purpose, enabling you to achieve your plans for the future.

Meridian Therapy, detailed on a human body

Meridian Therapy

Amazingly, just half an hour in hypnosis can feel as restful as a good night’s sleep and the suggestions made to the subconscious mind during trance continue to take effect after the session is over. Acupressure therapy is also useful in that it can programme your mind and body into a new pattern for restful sleep. So don’t accept poor sleep patterns as your lot in life: help is out there!

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